Yalta Tours

Known as ‘The Pearl of Crimea”, Yalta truly is enchanting with its fairy-tale palaces and Riviera-grade vistas. No wonder the spectacular views of Crimean mountains and the curved Black Sea coast of sparkling cliffs attracted here Russian tsars, aristocrats and artists, Communist party fat cats and Ukrainian elite for hundreds of years. Yalta is soaked with history, although one event brought it world fame – the Yalta conference, the legendary meet of the “Big Three” – Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. While the event definitely left imprint on the world’s history, the place has a fascinating cultural and historic legacy that goes far beyond it. Summer retreat of the Emperors’ family and the last stronghold of the Romanovs after the Bolshevik revolution; a refuge for Anton Chekhov, who wrote here The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters; Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s resort – Yalta has a fascinating story to tell. Join our Yalta tours as we unveil an enchanting story of the place and its highlights, discover the events of the famous Yalta conference, walk in the footsteps of Anton Chekhov and the Russian Tsar family, take in the stunning views of Yalta’s coastline and hillside.
Tours to Yalta’s picturesque canyons, waterfalls and natural parks can be organized upon request.
Tours are conducted in English and German languages.

Yalta Highlights: the White-Stoned Livadia Palace, Stunning Swallow’s Nest Castle, Chekhov’s House and Majestic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (5-hour tour)

Enjoy the finest sights of Yalta on this introductory shore excursion, which includes a visit to the famous white-stoned Livadia Palace. Begin your Yalta tour with a scenic drive to the fairy-tale Swallow’s Nest Castle, perching courageously at the very edge of the 40-meter high Aurora cliff of Cape Ai-Todor. You will visit a viewing platform for photographs and hear a fascinating story of this landmark.

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The Yalta Conference Tour: History Was Made Here (6-hour tour)

It’s not only that the Yalta palaces are gorgeous. They saw some extraordinary events over the course of the 20th century. The white-stoned Livadia and the magnificent Vorontsov palaces – their walls witnessed the formal meetings and secretive talks of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt… Europe was divided there in 1945.

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Imperial Yalta: Livadia and Massandra- the Magnificent Palaces of the Romanovs (4.5-hour tour)

Visit the two most famous and very different palaces of the Russian Tsars – Massandra and Livadia and feel like you’ve gone back in time as our guide brings the Romanovs’ Yalta back to life. On this guided tour, we’ll witness the glamour and grandeur of the last two Russia’s Emperors and gain insights into “palace life” in these magnificent Yalta locales.

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Best of Yalta: Royal Palaces, the Famous Yalta Conference, and the Magnificent Swallow’s Nest Castle (8-hour tour)

Yalta – the tsarist Russia’s and the USSR’s scenic resort. The scene of the famous Yalta conference and the last shelter to many of the Romanovs. Its panoramic coastline, scenic Crimean mountains and magnificent palaces attracted Russian aristocrats and Communist party fat cats, the Soviet intellectual elite and workers.

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